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  • Saving €9.650 Worth of Development in Immoscoop’s Product Roadmap

    Saving €9.650 Worth of Development in Immoscoop’s Product Roadmap

    You’re building a software product from scratch and your team has about a thousand ideas for new and exciting features. How do you determine which features will make it for the first release, which belong in future releases and which features simply won’t make the roadmap? Immoscoop is one of the leading online real-estate platforms […]

  • How We Used Figma in Unmoderated User Research with 4000+ Users

    How We Used Figma in Unmoderated User Research with 4000+ Users

    It’s the summer of 2020, COVID-19 is still raging, and the Belgian government just mandated all dining facilities to keep tabs (names and contact information) on every person that visits their establishment. For the most part this happens by letting people write down their information on sheets of paper. For the cantina of the Vrije […]

  • accelerated by StartIt@KBC accelerated by StartIt@KBC has been selected out of 323 candidates to be part of the first wave of 2021 startups to be accelerated by StartIt@KBC. This one-year programme will enable the entire team to further hone personal skills through the many mentoring and educational sessions as well as accelerate’s launch in general!  

  • Fighting COVID outbreaks with

    Fighting COVID outbreaks with

    Using the Vrije Universiteit Brussel has developed a QR-based tracing platform enabling it to fight COVID outbreaks amongst students and staff, find out more in article by Bruzz

  • VUB digitalises COVID-registration using

    VUB digitalises COVID-registration using

    The VUB student restaurant strives to serve the best food possible to the largest number of staff and students during their limited lunch breaks. Ensuring people timely access to their lunches proved to be significantly more complex when the government required the VUB restaurant to keep a ledger of contact information of all their customers […]

  • is Runner-up of Pitch@vlerick Contest is Runner-up of Pitch@vlerick Contest

    Last month (2/09/2020)’s very own Jesse Zaman and Florian Myter won second place at the pitch@vlerick event. The prizes include a wildcard to go pitch again at the iGMO launchpad event and a voucher for a challenge workshop and half a day of counseling organised by Deloitte! Congratulations to Ethernetics for their well-deserved first […]