Prototype at the Speed of Thought

Validate your digital prototype’s core ideas and functionality.

Go beyond testing UI and UX: add real data and functionality to your existing design through our simple drag&drop interface.

Validate Ideas

Go beyond validating UI and UX. enables you to validate core concepts through fully functional prototypes.

Real Data

Enable rich user interactions using both pre-defined mockup data as well as real-time data collected by users interacting with your prototype

Quantitative User Studies tracks how your users interact with your prototype, allowing you to leverage fully functional prototypes to conduct quantitative user studies.

Use Existing Designs

Use your favourite design tool (e.g. Figma, Adobe XD) and add functionality to them by importing them straight onto the platform.

Prototyping with

No-Code Prototyping raises the bar on what is considered a high-fidelity prototype. Upgrade from clickable interfaces by adding functionality to your existing designs (e.g. from Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD). You drag&drop components onto the canvas, we automatically produce working mobile applications, backend logic and real-time dashboards based on your designs. 

Sounds complicated? It isn’t! Our platform has been designed for use by your non-programming team members: from UX architects, analysts, project managers to digital designers.