Prototype at the Speed of Thought is a blazing fast prototyping platform for mobile data collection applications.

Create fully functional prototypes in a matter of minutes through our simple drag&drop interface.

Next Level Prototyping takes prototyping to the next level: trade-in those mockups, post-it boards and drawings for fully functional systems ready to be deployed and experimented with in the field.


Visual Design


Static Content

Interactive Prototypes

Fully Functional

Deployable & Scalable


Highly Customizable

Long Development Cycle

Expensive To Change

No-Code Prototyping enables anyone in your team, from experts to laypeople to co-creatively build entire data capture systems, including mobile data collection apps, server-side data processing, and real-time dashboard.

All of this without anyone having to write a single line of code! The platform is the fruit of years of academic research. It’s user interface is tailored to empower non-technical users to build their own data capture systems. You drag&drop visual components on a canvas, our platform automatically generates and deploys your system!