(Growth) Marketeer

(Growth) Marketeer

Why We Need You

weave.ly is a platform that enables software designers to transform designs into web apps to rapidly validate new products.

From a technical perspective we have a solid product with a flourishing user-base of early adopters. We need you to help us fertilize that field of early adopters and grow it into a scalable user farm!

Who You Are

We’re looking for someone that isn’t afraid to touch upon various aspects of marketing: content creation, SEO writing, lead generation, etc. We don’t care about years of experience or where you drank beer studied, just apply and have a chat with us!

Who We Are

We are a young, Brussels-based, startup company (founded September 2021) that recently got funded (hence us being able to pay you!). We wrote this application in English to sound cool, but we mostly speak Dutch and French … whatever works best for you!

What We Offer

  • Full-time contract (38 hours/week) of indefinite duration
  • A gross monthly salary of €3.550  and €440 in various net benefits
  • A laid-back work environment with cool and friendly colleagues, even if we say so ourselves. If you don’t like us, no worries you can work most days from your home/van/…!
  • 30 leave days
  • Hybrid remote/on-premise work environment
  • Stock-option plan foreseen in our next funding round