Design Real Estate Products
that Convert

Rapidly validate designs, features and products based on actionable, user-centric insights. automatically turns your Figma designs into high-fidelity web apps linked to real property data.

Add Real Properties to Your Designs

Stop wasting time mocking data and interactions, connect your designs directly to real listings! Searching, filtering, selecting and displaying data all without breaking a sweat.

Try It!

The web app  on the right was generated straight from this Figma design. It features real listings, searchable and filterable without needing a zillion screens and interactions!

Answers to Support Your Decisions

Gather production-level usage data, simply by sharing your web app with test users. Sit back while the insights materialise in your dashboard!

Click Heat Maps

See where users click, swipe and interact with your design.

User Flows

Follow how users navigate the various screens of your designs, detect cycles and deviations on ideal paths.

Time to Task Completion

Record and compare how long it takes users to accomplish specific tasks. A|B test designs without going to production first.

And Many More

Filter user sessions based on custom criteria to segment users and draw fine-grained insights.