We Build Your Research-Project App Prototype

For research groups that need apps without sacrificing research budget

22% of research projects worldwide

collect data using web&mobile apps


Off-the-shelve solutions don’t cut it, your project has its own constraints on what and how data needs to be collected.

As A Result...

Too much of your research budget is allocated to the development of custom software

Meet weave.ly

Our unique drag-and-drop app-building platform allows us to build apps in a fraction of the time & cost compared to traditional software development

Get the Data You Need

Fuel your research with data collected in the field, leveraging the power and accessibility of mobile apps

Custom Forms

Ask tailored questions using custom formats to get more complete answers

Images & Geolocation

Make use of all the sensory data available on modern mobile hardware

Sensory Data

Connect your app to third-party APIs to gather data from external sources

And Much More

Need to collect something else?

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